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This policy document lays down the broad guide lines to be followed in the procurement of equipments,  materials and services for the company. The main intent of this document is to permit centralised policy  making and decentralized execution and administration with a view to achieve the company’s goals in most  efficient and effective manner.

 The main objective of this policy is to ensure procurement of the required equipments, materials, works and  services in right quality at the right time and at the right and reasonable price after giving fair and equal  opportunities to Tenderers subject to the policy guide lines laid down herein so as to obtain the optimum  value for each unit of expenditure. It is utmost important to keep in mind that transparency is maintained  while buying materials / engaging contractors.

Index of Contents
In alphabetical order
1. Banning of Suppliers / Contractors

2. Cost of Tender Documents

3. Consideration of Indian Agents

4. Comparative statement of Price Bid

5. Contract for Works

6. Closure of Contract

7. Estimated Cost

8. Earnest Money and Security Deposit

9. Emergency Purchase / Job Contract

10. Earnest Money Deposit for Tenders

11. Functions and Responsibility of Tender Committee

12. Force Majeure

13. Forfeiture of EMD

14. General – Governing Laws of General Principles

15. Introduction

16. Important Aspects of Emergency Procurement

17. Invitation of Tender

18. Limited Tender Enquiries (LTE)

19. Late and Delayed Tenders

20. Method for Calling Tenders

21. Negotiation Policy

22. Objective

23. Procurement Policy – Material Management       Services

24. Procurement through Tenders Mode of Tendering       Open Tender

25. Period Allowed for Quotation

26. Procurement of Sundry Requirements

27. Purchase / Contract Proposals

28. Purchase Preference for Public Sector

29. Price Escalation

30. Penalty / Liquidated Damages and Arbitration

31. Quality Assurance Services

32. Qualifying Requirements

33. Raising of Indents

34. Reasonability of Prices

35. Running / Rate Contract

36. Repeat Orders

37. Receipt and Opening of Offers

38. Return of Unopened Price Bids

39. Rejection of Tenders

40. Re – Tendering

41. Risk Purchase

42. Return of EMD

43. Review of Works and Procurement Policy and       Delegation Power

44. Single Tender

45. Short Tender Notice

46. Subletting

47. Security Deposit

48. Tender Documents

49. Terms of Payment

50. Tender Committee

52. Vendor Registration

53. Weightage for early Delivery / Early       Completion of Work

54. Works Policy – Works Contract




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