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Initially the plant in BPSCL was designed to generate power to its rated capacity along with meeting the requirement of supplying 100 ATA steam for turbo boilers and 39 ATA medium pressure steams to turbo compress -ors. The requirement of low pressure process steam (8-12 ATA) of steel plant was to be met primarily from secondary sources of steam gene-ration in the steel plant itself (Waste heat recovery boilers of RMP, Acid plant etc.). However, as the secondary source of steam generation of the steel plant are not able to produce LP steam to their full capacity a large portion of LP steam is being diverted from the power plant to meet the process requirement of the steel plant. This has resulted in:

 1. Low generation of power from power plant resulting in low PLF 
 2. higher auxiliary power consumption

Power generation performance for the period 1996 to 2001 is:
Financial Year PLF %
Auxiliary Consumption
    MU %
1996-1997 41 301.140 28
1997-1998 46 300.438 25
1998-1999 48 299.601 27
1999-2000 42 299.844 27
2001-2001 53 327.758 23




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