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About Ministry of Power
 The Ministry is concerned with perspective planning, policy formulation,  processing of projects for investment decision, monitoring of the implementation  of power projects, training and manpower development and the administration  and enactment of legislation in regard to thermal, hydro power generation,  transmission and distribution.n.
Blueprint for Power Sector Developement
 Power is a critical infrastructure for economic development and for improving the quality of   life.  The  achievement of increasing installed power capacity from 1362 MW to over 100,000  MW  since  independence and electrification of more than 500,000 villages is impressive in  absolute  terms. However,  it is a matter of concern that the annual per capita consumption of  India, at  about 350 kWh is among the  lowest in the world. Further, people in a large number  of villages  have no access to electricity. The end  users of electricity like households, farmers,  commercial  establishments, industries are confronted with  frequent power cuts, both  scheduled and  unscheduled. Power cuts, erratic voltage and low or high supply  frequency  have added to the 'power woes' of the consumer.
Power for all by 2012
The Ministry of Power has set a goal - Mission 2012: Power for All

 A comprehensive Blueprint for Power Sector development has been prepared  encompassing an integrated strategy for the sector development with following  objectives:-

Sufficient power to achieve GDP growth rate of 8%
 Reliable of power
 Quality power
 Optimum power cost
 Commercial viability of power industry
 Power for all




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